Rocky Mountain Solar Co. is a retailer and installer of solar hot water, photovoltaic, small wind, micro hydro, and smokeless wood hydronic boiler systems and components. Roy Howard, proprietor of Rocky Mountain Solar, and his wife Jill, live in Dunster, a small community situated in the beautiful Robson Valley in east-central BC. They have lived off the grid for 35 years, employing wind power, photovoltaics, a passive solar log home, and a solar hot water system. Their home has all of the amenities, but with a relatively small ecological footprint. We are an authorized dealer for Taylor Munro Energy Systems, Energy Alternatives, Garn Wood Heating Systems, HES Home Energy Solutions, SunMar, and AEE Solar and can assist you in reducing your energy impact by installing efficient renewable energy systems.It's time to take advantage of the variety of alternative energy systems available to reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and lower your energy bills! Tom Lane, from Home Power Magazine, points out:

"Three gallons of oil refined and burned provides 400,000 BTU...Once!

Three gallons of oil used to make a 4 by 12 foot solar collector can provide over 10 Million BTU every year...year after year"