Wind Power

Skystream is a 1.8 kW unit manufactured by Southwest Windpower, specifically aimed at the grid-connect market. It is a very reliable and attractive unit. BC Hydro has a net-metering policy that allows customers to connect grid compliant producing equipment to their grid through an application process. Once in place the windgenerator will put power into the grid, essentially using it as the system battery. This runs the electric-use meter backwards, allowing an offset to the use from the grid. The manufacturer has designed the size of the unit to be roughly the size needed to annually power the needs of an average North American home in a good wind producing location.     

Southwest Windpower is the largest manufacturer of small wind turbines in North America. They also make the Whisper series of 1kW and 3kW (Whisper 100, Whisper 200, and Whisper 500) that are usually for off-grid systems, but can also be grid connected if desired. The three Whisper units and the 1kW Bergey (below) are the most commonly installed wind generators for off-grid locations in North America. All are reliable with good warranty.

Bergey Windpower has two basic models: the XL.1 produces 1kW and the Excel is 10kW. The XL.1 is strictly 24VDC designed for battery charging. The Excel can be either grid-tie or battery charging.